Digital technology can bring us closer together or create division, help us work out our differences amicably or strike conflict and misunderstanding. We’re passionate about using a human-centered approach to building technology solutions to solve the worlds most difficult problems.

We are a small but growing team of individuals dedicated to change through innovation. Less than 2 years from our conception, we have already broken barriers and strode forward in terms of start-up company standards.

We aim to utilize our experience and expertise to deliver to our customers an unparalleled experience in the creation or upgradation of their work system. A smooth shift to a more productive future for their business. We take pride in our commitment to creating simple yet effective solutions, that are of transformational value to our clients.

Oensys has four main divisions in terms of what we do; Investments, Concepts, Services and DxDy.

We push the boundaries of the development process through innovating new or improving current concepts, while providing a multitude of services to our customers in line with our strengths, and at the same time actively looking out for companies with goals similar to our own, with thoughts of merging to expand. One such example– DxDy– is now considered another entire section of Oensys.

Meet Our Team

Our collection of passionate, innovative minds is what we here at Oensys consider to be our greatest asset.

Our Clientele

Careers at Oensys

We are always on the lookout for new talent! If you are interested in joining us, please e-mail your CV to careers@oensys.com. Remember to put your preferred position in the subject box. If you are a team player with a proactive attitude and the diligence to get things done in a globally distributed research and development environment, apply today.

Web and UI/UX Design
Software Engineer
React and Mobile App Developers